The Consumer is Dead: Key Trends

Does the concept of the consumer have a future? Here's the problem: The word consumer is one-dimensional, derogatory and out of touch with reality. No matter what the field - biology, marketing or economics - by using the word 'consumer' you are talking about passive feeders - they don't think, they eat. Worse still consumer reads as commodity, people are classified by their fiscal value and their individuality confined to: 'yes I will buy' or 'no, I won't'.

Here a list of trends identified by the author(s) of the blog "Consumer is Dead"

Masses / Social
Advertising resistance, commercial skepticism and declining corporate trust.
Affluenza: The link between consumption and happiness continues to weaken.
End of product passivity; birth of consequence and conscious purchasing.
Bottom-up media revolution, democratisation of production and people empowerment.

Marketing / Commercial
Increasing failure of monologue messaging and marketing attrition within fragmenting media.
Demise of consumer demographics; new age of attitudes, life events and fluid behaviour.
Weakening social capital status of brands; no longer a central cultural commodity.
Entertainment, engagement, conversation and cultural change become key.

As with the rest of this project, this list is work in progress, thoughts, comments and feedback much appreciated.

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