‘Crowdsourcing’ gaining credibility

‘Crowdsourcing’ gaining credibility, says survey MENG sees marketing executives tapping consumer collaboration for product ideas

US-- Top marketing executives are increasingly looking outward to consumers for new product ideas, a study claims.

In the survey, conducted in December last year by the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), 62% of senior marketing executives questioned rated ‘crowdsourcing’ and customer collaboration as effective or highly effective approaches to new product and service development.

This is compared to 73% who said the same for internal R&D staff, 63% for employee ideas and contributions, and 54% for traditional consulting and professional services firms.
Crowdsourcing – the practice of making open calls to large groups of people to generate ideas, solve problems or spread the work of large-scale tasks – has taken off in recent years thanks to web 2.0 technologies.

Steve Fisher, who coordinated the survey for MENG, said: “Corporate executives should seek to explore ways to leverage their employees, customers and consumers not only for new product and service development, but also for channel management and customer satisfaction.”

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