What Healthy-Living Means: Trialing a New Qualitative Research Tool based on Semantic (Memes) Networks

Un paper inspirador, que cruza la teoría de los memes, el marketing y la investigación cualitativa online.

Published in International Journal of Market Research (June 2002: 44.2. pp 223-234)

Summary: The shared meaning of ‘Healthy-Living’ for a set of consumers is unpacked into its component memes (genes of meaning) using a new associative meaning mapping technique. This simple qualitative technique extends the method of associative group analysis and uses a Darwinian ‘Survival of the Fittest’ rationale to build up a group-level summary map of meaning from individuals’ chains of associations around Healthy-Living. The utility, validity and reliability of the technique are discussed. As a practical application of grounded theory, it is suggested that the resulting ‘meme maps’ may be useful in providing insight and creative stimulus for marketing initiatives that ‘connect’ with consumers.

Introduction: Making Connections

One of the principal tasks of qualitative market research is to inform marketing initiatives in such a way that they make meaningful connections with target consumers. Unless such initiatives ‘connect’ with consumers they cannot be compelling, or even meaningful. For example, the message ‘hatsumei’ is utterly meaningless until it is associated, that is, connected in the mind with the notions ‘innovation’ and ‘Japanese’: Hatsumei quite simply means innovation in Japanese. Similarly, a brand name such as Volvo is meaningless when stripped of the associations that consumers imbibe it with: The associations ‘safety’ and ‘car’ are the connections that make Volvo meaningful and distinctive to many people.

El autor del paper es Paul Marsden, Phd. en Psicología y su blog es: http://www.viralculture.com/ - En su website podrás leer mucho más sobre este enfoque.

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