Marketing Metaphoria: The Seven deep Metaphors

In some twelve thousand in-depth interviews for more than a hundred clients in over thirty countries, seven deep metaphors have surfaced with the greatest frequency in every sector- finance, food, transportation, and so forth- and in every country, regardless of the research team.

People who otherwise differ in cultural background, age, gender, education, occupation, political values, consumer experiences, basic beliefs, religious preference, and almost anything else we can name share these seven giants.

(1) BALANCE: How Justice, Equilibrium, and the Interplay of Elements Affect Consumer Thinking.

(2) TRANSFORMATION: How Changes in Substance and Circumstances Affect Consumer Thinking.

(3) JOURNEY: How the Meeting of Past, Present, and Future Affects Consumer Thinking.

(4) CONTAINER: How Inclusion, Exclusion, and Other Boundaries Affect Consumer Thinking.

(5) CONNECTION: How the Need to Relate to Oneself and Others Affects Consumer Thinking.

(6) RESOURCE: How Acquisitions and Their Consequences Affect Consumer Thinking.

(7) CONTROL: How the Sense of Mastery, Vulnerability, and Well-Being Affect Consumer Thinking.

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