Branding Now, blog compendium by Grant McCracken

El blog de Grant McCracken es una de las más inspiradoras, originales y actualizadas fuentes sobre cultura de consumo, marketing y etnografía. Si alguna vez buscaste una mirada crítica del trabajo de Gerald Zaltman o Clotaire Rapaille, te darás cuenta de que vale la pena navegar por su Compendio "Branding Now" que organiza intersantísimos posts sobre:

1) Brand behaving badly
2) Brand behaving well
3) The Brand Philosophers
4) Brand Tactics
5) Brand Strategy

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Grant McCracken has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of Chicago. He was the Director and the founder of the Institute of Contemporary Culture. He has taught at the University of Cambridge, the Harvard Business School and M.I.T. He has consulted to many firms, including The Campbell Soup Company, The Coca-Cola Company, IBM, and Kimberly Clark, to name a few. He has written several books including "Culture and Consumption I", "Plenitude", "Culture and Consumption II", "The Long Interview", "Flock and Flow", and "Transformations". He is a member of the I.B.M. advisory council on Social Networking and a research affiliate at M.I.T.

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