Wikonsumer Culture “Word cloud”

Which 3 words or ideas do you associate with "Wikonsumer Culture"?

Based on +200 word associations*

(Under Construction - to create your own "Word Cloud" use http://www.wordle.net/create)

* Provided by marketing executives, academics and researchers from USA, Mexico, France, Spain, Argentina, Perú, Japan, Sweden, India, China, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Singapore, etc. (working for companies like Samara, LightSpeed Research, Ipsos, HMA Associates, RR Donnelley, BrainJuicer, Univbrands, Quinnipiac University, Monext, PerfectCrowd, Learning.com, SensPlus, AIP Corporation, General Motors, Soto.Magariños, JWT, Ormax Consultants. Millward Brown, Del Monte Foods, Euromonitor International, BBVA - Centro de Innovación, Synovate, Nestlé, Bristol-Myers Squibb among many others).

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