10 trends for qualitative research in 2009

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1. Remarkable growth
2. Expanding application arenas
3. Faster, faster, faster.
4. Changing analysis formats.
5. Increasing format variety.
6. Increasing role of technology.
7. Pressure for new techniques.
8. Improved viewing facilities and recruiting practices.
9. Changing client management.
10. Smarter and more articulate consumers.

These were written by Patricia Sabena 1999 in an article for Quirks entitled 10 trends in qualitative research.

So what isn’t changing – certainly we always report the need to go faster (and I remember when qualitative researchers wrote long reports in word). How we analyse material continues to change along with the presentation formats (powerpoint, video, flash). And we continue to talk about the ever-demanding consumer (who once again is a prosumer, savvy and sophisticated).

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