Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research

FQS is a very interesting open-access journal for (mainly academic) social qualitative researchers. Most articles are written or translated into Spanish, German and English.
This is a sample of the material you can find at FQS:

*The Exchange Between Academic and Applied Social Research: The Current State of Qualitative Market, Media and Opinion Research - Andreas M. Marlovits, Thomas Kühn, Katja Mruck
* Qualitative Analysis of Films: Cultural Processes in the Mirror of Film - Gloria Dahl
*Online Qualitative Research in the Age of E-Commerce: Data Sources and Approaches - Nikhilesh Dholakia, Dong Zhang
*Theoretical Foundations of Contemporary Qualitative Market Research—An Overview and an Integrative Perspective - Dirk Frank, Peter Riedl
*The Unexplored Potential of Qualitative Market Research - Thomas Kühn


FQS is a peer-reviewed multilingual online journal for qualitative research, established in 1999. FQS Issues are published tri-annually. Additionally, selected single contributions and contributions belonging to the rubrics FQS Reviews, FQS Debates, FQS Conferences and FQS Interviews are published immediately after they go through the peer review process.

FQS is an open-access journal, so all articles are available for free. Please register if you are interested to receive information about new publications as soon as they are posted online.

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