Using Twitter as Your Focus Group?

Recently we ran a series of banner campaigns supporting new products being launched by one of our CPG clients. While the client was launching multiple products, not all of them were being promoted through advertising.

Shortly after launch of the campaign for our client, we began monitoring Twitter for buzz on the products and online campaign. Almost immediately, the tweets started raving about one of the new products that we didn't promote.

Armed with this information, we met with the client and got the green light to run advertising for this new product. The Twitter research worked: The campaign for the new product generated a click-through rate 55% higher than the rest of the campaign. The number of people actually tweeting about the new product was small -- maybe a few hundred. But the number of additional people who followed the new banners was an order of magnitude more.

You can read the full article and comment it @ - Posted by Lee Mikles on 12.29.08

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