Etnografía y Diseño para la Innovación en Mercados Emergentes

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Vídeos sobre el trabajo etnográfico de Ken Erickson:

Ariapalayam Welcomes You. The economics and culture of a South Indian farming village and its use of technology.

Able to Fly. Aircraft interiors and flying with disabilities.

A Drive-Through Dilemma. How American families eat.


Material escrito por Ken Erickson:

2000 Ken C. Erickson
Direct Testimony On Behalf of the Greeting Card Association. United States Postal Rate Commission Docket R2000-1. Reports original ethnographic and survey research on the cultural significance of greeting cards and reviews the notion of cultural, versus monetary, value. [1.4 MB PDF document]

2004 Ken C. Erickson, Ramanathan H. et al.
Ariapalayam: A Rapid Ethnographic Assessment (Summary). [239 KB PDF document]

2006 PacEth

2006 PacEth

2007 - 2008 Ben Ross
Ben's Blog: A Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom. Always interesting, usually up-to-date, reflections of a Mandarin speaking Midwestern fellow (and one of Ken's former students at UMKC, lo these many years ago). Of special interest: Ben's month-long stint working as a barber along side other migrant workers in a Fuzhou hair salon. 

2008 Ken C. Erickson and Martin Hoyem, et al.
Blogs for Team Ethnographic Research and Analysis: A Chinese Example. Presentation created for the International Seminar on Qualitative Research Methods Applied to the Understanding of Consumers, University of Paris V (Sorbonne). [3.7 MB PDF document].

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