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We encourage case studies as well as innovative thinking on the following topics:

1. ONLINE WORLD: An insightful journey trough the different fields of application of online research

  • Online research to complement and improve traditional market research
  • Online research leading product/service innovation
  • Case studies of how customer engagement use the potential of online research for testing products still on the drawing board or not even conceived
  • eParticipation e.g. politics, healthcare, governmental issues and citizen feedback. Online research providing real-time views of national and international opinions rather than media driven insights
  • Succesful case studies demonstrating ROI in online research

2. ONLINE ACTIVATION: Exploring the latest methods, tools and techniques of online research in the current environment

  • Information design and visualization in data collection
  • Trends and consumer behaviour prediction
  • Using online methods to perform ethnographic/in-home interviews
  • Online Qualitative/Quantitative techniques in web 2.0
  • Visual semiotics and netnography
  • Using virtual prototypes and simulations to gather feedback
  • New methods for conducting online research:
    • Web-based conjoint analysis with new algorithms
    • Application of games for research
    • Virtual concept testing and virtual stock exchange for prediction

3. ONLINE PLATFORMS: A macro overview of social networks, online communities and web2.0 from a technological and societal perspective

  • Using online communities for research
  • Highly specialized/dedicated communities-companies’communities
  • Mechanisms developed for co-creation and crowd-sourcing
  • Examples of leveraging users interactions as source data for renewing products and services
  • Influence of community information and community evaluation on buying behavior
  • Examples of applying user generated content (UGC) to generate insight
  • Demonstrations of the transferability of community insights to the mass market

4. ONLINE SOURCING: In online research the sourcing of participants is still a challenge and panels were just the beginning

  • Online panel evolving into communities based on river sampling, case studies and latest methodologies
  • Implications of text analytics (text-mining techniques and taxonomies)
  • Respondent incentives and latest trends
  • Data quality: digital signatures, behavioral tracking
  • Mixed mode interactive online surveys

5. ONLINE FUTURE: What’s next? Why mobile research takes the stage in the online landscape?

  • Full mobile research solutions and hybrid business solutions
  • Mobile penetration in developing countries
  • Case studies of innovative mobile research/ latest techniques

To make the sessions as lively as possible, we are also encouraging any ideas for new formats of presentations, discussion sessions and debates.

We look forward to receiving your ideas and input. Please send outlines of papers to

Deadline for outlines: 28 May 2009

Download PDF guideline for submitting your outline

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