ETHNOSNAKER: Ethnographic reading list (Siamack Salari)

Last week I posted a discussion/question on Linkedin asking you to recommend books on ethnographic research. Thank you to all who replied. I am sharing for the benefit of all. If you would like to add to this list please send me your suggestion for inclusion.

Qualitative Data by Auerbach and Silverstein. Been using the method for qualitative user research among staff and clients of multinationals for years. Best presentation of the systematic application of the method. Recently used it to create hypotheses about perception of internal publications in a bank. These can open the road to new ways of publishing internally.

I like Research Methods in Anthropology  H. Russell Bernard. He is on his 4th ed. now.

I really enjoyed Peter Metcalf's They Lie, We Lie: Getting on with Anthropology

And, for methods: Ethnography in Organizations by Schwartzman

Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research by Patricia L. Sunderland and Rita M.Denny.

(Paper) Contextmapping: experiences from practice by FROUKJE SLEESWIJK VISSER!, PIETER JAN STAPPERS, REMKO VAN DER

(Paper) Persuasive Encounters: Ethnography in the Corporation by Brigitte Jordan and Brinda Dalal

Ethnography: Step by Step, by David Fetterman (Sage Publications)

Making Sense of Qualitative Data, by Amanda Coffey and Paul Atkinson (also Sage)

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