Agency puts members of the micro-blogging site under the microscope


BELGIUM-- Twitter might be all the rage, but many people are still struggling with how best to use the platform. Is it a mini blog? An instant communication device? A promotional channel? Or a link-sharing tool?

Most everyone will give a different answer to that question right now, but Gent-based agency InSites Consulting hopes to get a better overview of the opinions of the site's userbase with its newly-launched Ultimate Twitter Study.

Writing in a blog post, the company said: “Little is known about what people do on Twitter, how they act, why they use Twitter, what they think of the medium, the profile of who they are following and who is following them.”

In a bid to find out, InSites has set up a Twitter profile – @UltiTwitStudy – where it will pose a new question to its followers each day.

First off the block is: ‘What words do you spontaneously associate with Twitter?' Answers have started pouring in, and you can read them all online here.

In the spirit of @researchlive offers the following: confusing, exciting, informative and useful.

Click here for an interview with InSites's R&D consultant Tom DeRuyck.

Author: Brian Tarran

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