Consumer Insight: How to Use Web and Social Media to Get Closer to Your Customer

Red Book : Payment solutionsConsumer Insight: How to Use Web and Social Media to Get Closer to Your Customer
The Gartner Group predicts the web communities will influence 30% of purchases by 2011 from 9% today*. With the recent surge of Web 2.0, consumer behaviors changed and marketing professionals adapted: In early 2009, The Society of New Communication Research indicated that 57% of marketing decision makers consider the social networks have a larger influence in their activity…

Yet CRM techniques dramatically reshaped conventional approaches including market studies, consumer panels, and focus groups in the way to comprehend and apprehend buyer behaviors: This first evolution was the beginning of a much stronger wave of changes. Indeed many consumer analysis paradigms fall apart as it is possible today to measure opinion trends in real-time on dedicated websites such as « Ciao! », « Facebook», or «Twitter ».

The overall « Consumer Insight » should be reconsidered. Globally defined as « the knowledge a company has about its customers», the Consumer Insight actually encompasses a systematic process to analyze buying patterns assuming they translate into culture-conditioned and attitude-driven actions and opinions.
The web offers many useful resources to complement your research and intelligence on Consumer Insight: social networks, blogs, trend analysis web sites,…
This Red book presents a panorama of Internet information sources about Consumer Insight.

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  • What is Consumer Insight?
  • Performing a successful « Consumer Insight » intelligence
  • Use cases
  • Consumer Insight on the web

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