Human-Centred Innovation - Why Market Researchers & Product Designers Should Be Best Friends

This presentation provides insight into the open innovation and co-creation idea and describes a human-centred innovation approach with respect to the changing roles of market research and product design. The increased importance of strong interdisciplinary (internal) collaboration of researchers and designers for being successful in open innovation is emphasized. Only the combination of external co-creation and internal collaboration make open innovation programs successful. Embracing a human-centered innovation approach means also to intervene in existing structures of power within the company which are built upon hierarchy.

Author: Steffen Hück - Chief Netnographer at HYVE

"Fascinated by the combination of the two areas "Social Media & Online Communities" with "Open Innovation & Co-Creation". I work at the innovation agency HYVE where I am responsible for Netnography Research. I supervise open innovation and social media research projects especially in the food, cosmetics and media industries. Furthermore I am member of the advisory committee of the German Social Media Association “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Social Media”. - Steffen Hück @ Linkedin 

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