A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners.

The Community Roundtable is a virtual table where social media and community practitioners gather to meet, discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and hear from experts. Along with providing a welcoming environment in which to gather and learn, The Community Roundtable is dedicated to furthering the discipline of community management. We are a great resource for community and social media managers looking for:
  • Peers that understand and can help navigate day-to-day challenges
  • Content focused on the unique needs of the practitioner and not on the latest top 10 list
  • Programs that help with both tactical needs and with strategic thinking

jsJim Storer

Jim (@jimstorer) is an experienced community builder and social media strategist. Over the last ten years he’s built and managed communities and consulted with both start-ups and large enterprises on how to effectively build lasting value with community and social media solutions.
As a social media/community strategist he’s advised a wide range of clients including Cisco/WebEx, Deloitte, EDR, iRise, Amway, the Santa Fe Institute and Tenacity. He was an active contributor and editor on two books on the impact of community and social media on traditional business and political practices:
We Are Smarter Than Me: A collaboration of Wharton, MIT and thousands of business innovators, worldwide. Drawing on their collective “in the trenches” experience, the wearesmarter.org community (and subsequent book) revealed what does and does not work when you bring social netowrks and communities into your decision-making and business processes.
Barack Inc.: This book spells out the lessons of the Obama campaign and goes on to illustrate them, citing companies that have used similar techniques to succeed.
Early in his career Jim managed very large communities (1ook+) and very small peer networks (150+) that served as great foundation for his consulting and strategy engagements. He blogs at http://jimstorer.com

rehRachel Happe

Rachel (@rhappe) has over fifteen years of experience working with emerging technologies including enterprise social networking, ecommerce, and enterprise software applications. She has been both a product manager and a management analyst, and brings with her multiple perspectives on technology development and use. As an analyst at IDC, Rachel initiated their enterprise social software practice and wrote groundbreaking research including
  • The Power and Passion of Organic Communities: How Technology Can Be Used to Increase Discovery, Engagement, and Productivity
  • The Social Enterprise: How Social Networking Changes Everything
  • U.S. Social Networking Application 2008–2012 Forecast: Enterprise Social Networking Takes Hold.

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