Populis: Online Communities from Itracks

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) offer an interactive channel to communicate and develop relationships with your customers by engaging them in meaningful conversation. With Populis, decision makers can track social networks that keep a pulse on customer satisfaction, loyalty, perception, and spending habits.

Our team of experienced project managers and software developers will help you create a community with the look and feel of your own marketing materials.

Populis can offer a truly unique user experience by integrating our online qualitative and quantitative applications. The Research Opportunities module presents selected users with the chance to participate in online qualitative studies or online surveys.

Pinpoint key community members and engage them in meaningful conversation to reveal the information you need to make business decisions.

Take Action
Elevate your brand through an increased sense of ownership and evaluate how the customer experience is impacting your corporate image. Get the information you need from your customers and take action immediately.

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