Social Media Market Research: A Study of the Tropicana Repackaging

by Jeffrey Henning - Vovici Blog

At the 2009 MRA First Outlook Conference, Owen Shapiro of LJS Associates and Tom Malkin of GeeYee, Inc. presented "The Impact of Social Media on Market Research". In order to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of social media research, LJS conducted phone and social media research into the Tropicana unrepackaging incident.

Earlier this year, Tropicana rolled out repackaging that many shoppers complained looked like a generic brand and made the product much harder to find on store shelves. The resulting pushback led to Tropicana to revert to its earlier packaging.

To study this, LJS surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers by phone and online and then weighted the results to be demographically representative. Fully 20% of consumers surveyed had noticed the new Tropicana packaging; of these, 32% liked the packaging, 32% were neutral and 27% were negative. Only 1% of consumers had posted online about the packaging.

For social media research, GeeYee scraped 1,900 posts from over one million web pages analyzed; each post typically covered three or four topics. Here is the categorization of the most frequently mentioned topics:

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Hi Jenny,

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