5 reasons not to launch your own research community

by Andrew Needham

I am a huge advocate of community research and have posted previously how it can deliver richer insight and better innovation but before you decide to launch your own community take a look at these 5 reasons not to:

  1. You get part time results for part time effort – if you only have the chance to log on once a week and skim read rather than engage, interpret and contribute.
  2. You want to stick to the discussion guide – if you like to stick to the script set at the beginning of a project and feel uncomfortable about the possibility of having to rip this up when you start interacting with your community
  3. You publish only perfect posts – if you like to craft every word or work in a sign off culture your will miss the vital spontaneity that community research thrives on
  4. You just want to see the results – if you are simply not interested or able to participate in the iterative community research process and just want to see the final debrief
  5. You have never heard of being always on – consumers expect brands to be available 24/7. If you cannot live up to this expectation with your own community you could do more damage than good.

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