5 Social Media Implications for Brands in 2010 (AdWeek)

Love it or hate it, social media (and its persistent title) will maintain its grip on consumers – and brand marketing discussions – until it evolves into a different form and role in our digital lives.  On that note, Sienna Farris, Director of Social Media at Strawberry Frog, spoke with AdWeek about 5 key social media implications that brands will need to respond to in 2010.  Recognizing that predictions don’t hold a candle against the fast pace at which technology changes and renders them dated, these are more of a call to action and awareness, and less of a definite prediction.

The 5 key implications:
1. Social media marketing will finally transition from “nice to have” to “must have”
2. Location-based social networking is here to stay
3. Experimental social media budgets are key
4. The division between the virtual world and the physical world will continue to blur
5. Crowd sourcing will turn social media into a direct sales channel

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