Anderson Analytics’ Seven Social Network Segments

What Type of Social Network user are you? - A Social Network Usage Model

Segmenting the US population into various groups of social network Users and Non-Users can be challenging. Americans from all walks of life are now using social networks and are using them more so than email. Still others are skeptical and claim they will never try Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or Twitter.

In order to understand the current environment, specifically who is using social network services (SNS) now, and who is likely to be using them within the coming year, Anderson Analytics has created a multi-domain segmentation model. We looked at several variables from media usage to attitudes and behaviors in order to create seven groups of Online Americans. Four SNS User groups and three SNS Non User groups.

[We've distilled the more complex latent class segmentation model we created into something more manageable which only requires you to answer a few questions in four categories.]

Feel free to try out the typing tool to find out which segment you are most likely to belong to: Social Network Typing Tool

We’d be curious to hear what you think? Let us know if you agree with your type?

By @TomHCAnderson

PS. If you are on LinkedIn and would like to know what type of LinkedIn user you are try our LinkedIn typing tool from our LinkedIn study in 2008 HERE.

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