Ethnography app debuts on iTunes store

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The firm describes the app as “a sophisticated research tool designed by ethnographic researchers for ethnographic researchers, agency planners, marketers and research respondents.”

Some six months in development the product allows users to record audio and video clips, take photos and make notes while observing subjects. Material can be categorised by project themes and each item is geo-tagged to store the location in which it was recorded before being sent to the researcher’s email account to be reviewed later.

Imagine…….. going on an ethnographic fieldwork assignment with a selection of your brightest colleagues, specialist consultants, a client or two and even an assistant to help you manage and digest your notes and findings..

The EverydayLives process has been honed over the last 14 years into a methodology which is popular with clients and respondents alike. It is inclusive, collaborative and allows rich insights, subject to the quality of the collaboration and thinking taking place.

A guiding principle of our process is the naturalistic capture or recording of everyday life events, happenings and conversations. We do not conduct interviews and in many cases, we don’t even tell respondents what we are interested in learning about when we follow them about their everyday lives.

Our challenge was to create an iPhone app which could shorten the timescale and therefore cost of the above process while retain as much of its richness and collaborative underpinning. And in achieving this, enable qualitative researchers who are unwilling or unable to use cameras and editing software to conduct their own ethnographic explorations too.

Sources: Research-Live & EthnoSnacker blog

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