Forthcoming book about MROCs (Market Research Online Communities)?

What are the most relevant MROC blogs?

by Ray Pointer via

As part of the book writing project I am looking to create a list of the blogs that anybody who wants to stay up to date should be following. The first version of the list will be included in the book, but I will then expand it and put it on the website that will accompany the book.

So far the list I have includes:

  • Communispace, a blog from leaders in communities, edited by a team including Diane Hessan
  • Forrester, Forrester host a blog specifically for ‘Consumer Market Research Professionals’ which can be filtered by the term MROC, edited by a team including Tamara Barber
  • FreshNetworks, a blog focused on communities and Web 2.0, edited by a team including Matt Rhodes
  • InSites Consulting, leading edge MR from Belgium, edited by a team including Anke Moerdyck
  • PluggedIn, subtitled ‘About MROC Talk’, edited by Matt Foley and Ben Werzinger
  • Virtual Surveys, a general online research and communities blog, edited by a team including Paul Child
  • Vovici, a blog about online and NewMR topics, edited by prolific blogger Jeffrey Henning,

I would love to hear your suggestions* for other sites that should be included?
* Please write them on Ray Pointer's blog

If you think any of the sites above should not be included, you could comment on the post, but I would probably rather hear about it in an email, it is nearly Christmas!


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