Online communities for research, what is your preferred name for them?

By Ray Poynter Director at Virtual Surveys and Owner, The Future Place

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"Community Panels is a good name, although it's also the "product" names used by Synovate and Vision Critical. But don't think it's trademarked, it's a pretty generic term."

By Ole Petter Nyhaug, Responsible for business development in marketing research innovation @ Synovate


"I think there are a couple of aspects to this. Firstly, a name that does the Ronseal thing - tells you what it does in the name. Which for me is always the danger of any acronym. The other aspect is to acknowledge current limitations - a lot of UK communities operate under category 6 rules thus preventing the term research being applied and using the terms 'research' too often leads people to apply first principles to them. The most important thing in my view though, is picking language that isn't industry centric...we need terms that we can share with our clients and which helps those less familiar with what they do get an idea. I think the terminology is important - it's more than just semantics. Confusion over terminology means we start to get in to blurring lines between Communities, panels etc. I also like the suggestion that we want something 'cool' though. Not sure my favoured Insight Communities meets that criteria. I definitely think we should embrace the fact that this is innovative and interesting and, dare I say it, exciting!!"

By Paul Child, Associate Director at Virtual Surveys

Having used both ORCs and MROCs interchangeably for the last few years, I'm leaning more and more toward MROCs. "Online Research Communities" is just slightly vague, given that "research" could be applied in a few contexts. I think "Insight Communities" has a nice ring to it, but the term "insight" is too broad. Forrester led the charge with MROCs, so I'm willing to go with that :)

By Matthew Foley, Market Research Online Community Specialist at PluggedIN Co.


"I think we need to find a "cooler " name, ORC sounds better than MROC... still needs to be cooler..."

By Laurent Flores, Founder crmmetrix

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