Research News Article on MROCs

The latest edition of Research News features an in-depth article on the rise of MROCs in the Australian research industry. Latitude Insights has been highlighted as a leading boutique agency who specialises in online qualitative research, and there’s a number of quotes from Dianne Gardiner, Latitude Insight’s CEO, included. You can read the article online by clicking here. Our client, Zoe Aitken from Cadbury, was also interviewed for the article, in which she talks about the benefits of immediacy and the depth of insights generated from this methodology.

There’s an interesting discussion about community size and response rates with Vision Critical talking about communities of 6000, and Communispace having 300-500. But then later on in the article, Kris Hartvigsen talks about participation rates of 40-50%. This is where we differ – with smaller, more engaged communities. If we had a 50% participation in a discussion we’d start to look into why members were not as responsive as expected. We don’t want to have conversations with only half the people in the ‘room’.

The good news for all of the agencies who are leading in this area, that there is a strong expectation that online communities will take off in 2010, and will be driven by clients looking for new ways to talk to their customers. And we’re ready to get the conversations going.


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