12 online discussion groups around the globe in one day - Winner of Best Paper Overall, at ESOMAR Congress 2009

 Winner of Best Paper Overall, The Fernanda Monti Award at ESOMAR Congress 2009

The Longest Day: Sector and cultural differences in corporate social responsibility

Surprisingly, in CSR it is all about the ConSumeR himself! That‟s the main conclusion out of this global qualitative study. Furthermore, it is a truly „glocal‟ phenomenon and it is definitely not a given for most companies.

Next to that, we believe a new era in the history of qualitative research is lying in front of us with rich, effective and efficient data collection methods as online discussion groups and bulletin boards, besides the help from text analysis software and techniques in the analysis of (large amounts of) data. In the second part of this paper, we discuss the implications of the used data collection methods and analysis techniques on the qualitative research process and the future of the research domain.

The main goal of the study was to generate insights and reveal trends in corporate social responsibility, evaluated and perceived by consumers around the world. Specific industry and brand insights were gathered based on a „gestalt‟ concept of corporate social responsibility: ‘What are industry specific dynamics?’, ‘How to create an optimal CSR – brand interaction?’ and ‘What concrete actions can be taken that are relevant and credible?’.

Donwload & read the paper here (via http://www.visionslive.com - originally shared by Insites Consulting)

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