The Conversation Manager: New Book on Online Market Research & Social Media Marketing

Over the past years, the internet has evolved from a static to a social platform. This evolution has an impact on the way consumers communicate and take purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, most advertisers have failed to evolve along.

Traditional advertising no longer works. Advertisers need to change their day-to-day working methods. The gap between the contemporary consumer and the traditional advertiser is growing on a daily basis.

This era is not the end of the advertising market, though it is the end of the advertiser!

This book offers a solution to this challenge: a change trajectory from advertiser to Conversation Manager. The Conversation Manager has a fresh perspective on how brands operate successfully in cooperation with today's consumer. Conversing with consumers is the key. Listening to and conversing with consumers is a necessary talent to retrain as a Conversation Manager. Using clear examples and clear concepts, the book describes how an advertiser can retrain to become a Conversation Manager.

The book also goes beyond theory alone. It also offers practical tools to start your change process within 48 hours. You will find concrete tips to move your business strategy into the direction of conversation management. You will find numerous practical online tools to help you in your new role: the Conversation Manager.

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About the author

Steven Van Belleghem is Managing Partner of innovative research agency InSites Consulting. His passion is helping clients in taking strategic marketing decisions. Steven is specialized in branding, advertising and word-of-mouth strategies. Together with his team, he’s helping companies get a grip on the current consumers through branding, advertising and conversations.

Before Steven joined InSites Consulting, he was a researcher at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. Today, Steven is still a speaker at the school in a large number of executive teaching programs (e.g. brand management, marketing planning, young management program, …). Steven is also a frequent speaker on marketing conferences and business schools.

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