Design Tool Encourages Artist-Customer Collaboration

CaseMate’s new design tool at is the collaborative venture of the iPhone case manufacturer and a group of emerging artists. The site allows visitors to design personalized cases, reinterpreting an individual artist’s work through the use of coreraphic elements.

Artist Matt W. Moore explains:

On the surface, it’s a fresh new iPhone Case Artist Series (Joshua Davis, Deanne Cheuk, Thomas Hooper, Matt W. Moore, Hannah Stouffer, Nigel Dennis, Anthony Yankovic, Ray Frenden, Chuck Anderson, Shadow Chen) with 3 exclusive cases from each artist. But the project is so much more. The website serves as a collaboration space between each artist and YOU, the customer. Each of us created a library of bits and pieces from our work that you can remix to create your own one-of-a-kind case.

[via MWM News]

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