RIVA Master Moderator Certificate Program™

A RIVA Training Institute Master Moderator Certificate will be awarded to those who complete training in a series of courses, workshops, and private work in addition to demonstrating their skills and knowledge before an objective examination panel, through written and practicum examinations as well as personal interview.

A RIVA Master Moderator™ Certificate offers three major benefits:

Certificate program builds better-trained and more capable researchers, which benefits the industry, practitioners, its clients, and the public
Moderators can provide assurance to the clients and supervisors that they are capable of performing to high standards
Research Managers and clients have a quick, easy, and trusted way to qualify qualitative research practitioners

Candidates enrolled in the certificate program receive a $500 scholarship that is applied to all classes taken after the first one in an anniversary. (i.e. if you take two classes you get $500 off on the second class, if three in the same calendar year that will total a savings of $1000.)

Requirements for entry into the Master Moderator Certificate Program™

    • Completed Registration/Application form with review and approval of the Director
    • Enrollment exam fee of $500, due upon acceptance into the program. The enrollment fee is non-refundable/non-transferable.
    • A commitment to excellence as a qualitative research practitioner and moderator

All Certification Program participants must:

    • Complete RIVA 201, RIVA 202, or RIVA 303
    • Two (2) additional RIVA 200-500 level courses (excludes RIVA 433)
    • In addition to the second bullet above, all candidates must complete RIVA 433, Mastery in Action
    • Conduct a minimum of 200 focus groups (or their equivalent, as determined by the program director)
    • Pass the RIVA Master Moderator Certificate Program™ examination (written & practicum)

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