SKOPOS launches Kwal™ Unit fusing traditional qualitative offerings and innovative digital/mobile tools

SKOPOS continue to remain at the forefront of new research innovations and, to this end, have just launched the Kwal™ Unit with its fusion of traditional methods and innovative online methods.

Traditional qualitative approaches offered include focus groups, depths, ethnography, video interviewing, vox pops, m-pops and more. These techniques help us to delve deeper and augment the final reporting stage to bring the research to life.

To help augment our traditional methods, SKOPOS also employs some exciting new digital tools, such as…

SKOPOS Sketchpad™ is an innovative online concept testing tool that makes the respondent’s experience more lively and in turn provides rich visual feedback to the client. Web pages, ads, direct mail pieces, packaging concepts, and logos can be marked up by respondents using visual images and text.

Once all respondents have completed the SKOPOS Sketchpad™ exercise, the resulting map showing “hot” and “cold” areas where respondents have made comments is known as the SKOPOS Heatseeker™ tool. Such a deliverable allows clients to see (very quickly) which areas of the ad, web page, etc. are the most eye-catching or the most liked / disliked.

Also included in the ever expanding SKOPOS Toolkit™ are UGI (user generated insight) methods, including SKOPOS Netnography, SKOPOS Webalyzer and other social media techniques.

SKOPOS Netnographyexplores social networking sites, their origins and the social environment and analyses the relationship between them. SKOPOS Netnography shows how consumers are communicating about brands and products, what language they are using in these communications and what, if any, subliminal messages are beneath the overt communications.

SKOPOS Webalyzer™ offers clients a holistic approach/tool to evaluate a website encompassing the 3 crucial elements: audience (a), content (c), and market (m). It uses a two-stage process mixing desk research with a quantitative study. The desk research stage consists of Key Word searches in Google to glean a complete list of similar websites. From this list, key competitors are assessed.

In summary, Paula Juson, (Head of Kwal™), says “As digital pioneers within the research industry and always at the forefront of new technologies and methods, SKOPOS is continually striving to push the boundaries of our toolkit to maximise client satisfaction through insight and action driven deliverables. The qualitative team here at SKOPOS are very excited about our ability to meet our clients’ needs in the most appropriate fashion and as such, believe we continue to offer excellent service on all projects.”

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