Top Ten Reasons for Building an MROC in 2010

If you don't currently have a Market Research Online Community, and you are not thinking of building an MROC this year, you should be. Here's my updated Top 10 reasons why.

  1. Give customers a place to discuss your organization. 
  2. Increase loyalty just by having a community. 
  3. Introduce prospects to your organization. 
  4. Compress the traditional feedback cycle. 
  5. Conduct a thousand research projects. 
  6. Help your staff internalize and distribute feedback. 
  7. Get more qualitative feedback for less investment. 
  8. Provide comprehensive quantitative feedback. 
  9. Sustainable competitive advantage comes from the changes you make. 
  10. Engage your customers in a community while there is still time. 

Build an online community in 2010, and your organization will be stronger and more successful in 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond.

Visit Vovici's blog to read an extended version of this list

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