Brand Mapping As A Consumer Insights Tool

The brands we choose arguably say something about our identity – what we value in the products we use, how we perceive ourselves, and how we want to be perceived. In order to paint a more holistic picture of the choice of brands one uses throughout their day, Storm Brand DNA – a brand and design strategy agency out of Melbourne, Australia – uses ‘Brand Mapping’ within their Insights process on commercial projects.

As a standalone visual, the information contained in this infographic might give you a limited perspective into the multitude of brands that this individual chooses when he’s having breakfast, getting ready for work in the morning, getting his news for the day, etc. But it would be interesting to see, from a consumer insights perspective, how this might change over the course of a few months, how the brand map compares and differs across men of a similar demographic – and to ultimately engage in a discussion of why they selected particular brands.

How did their choice – or perception of – Bose differ from that of Apple, for instance? What attributes were valued in their choice of athletic gear, vs. automobile, vs. mobile phone? Is their choice of brand across multiple categories ultimately trying to paint a picture of them as an individual, or does it differ across product category? An insightful tool if used effectively.
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