Consumer Insights and Community Manager Jobs

A "new role" is "emerging" for market researchers at the intersection of Consumer Insights and Online Communities. And the demand is growing fast not just among the well-stablished online research companies  (like Communispace, Vovici, iTracks, PluggedIn, etc.), but also within research end-users. Take a look to this job announcement and then "google it" : 

You'll be amazed by the number of opportunities for this exciting new career path.  
Are you ready for the challenge? Here you can see a more detailed example of what companies are looking for:

The right candidate will thrive in a highly entrepreneurial, fast-changing, and collaborative environment where people are driven, enthusiastic, and not afraid to take risks. They will also be responsible for:

1) Maintain strong pulse on the needs, desires, and concerns of current and prospective customers as well as the community at large. Partner with functional groups to understand and support their needs for consumer feedback and insights.

· Coordinate regular focus groups and user testing
· Set up and manage Mom Advisory Board/Panel, conducting regular surveys and polls to this group
· Set up, monitor, and synthesize feedback from NPS survey, website feedback, email feedback, customer care interactions etc. Respond to all detractors, and make recommendations for action.
· Monitor relevant dialogue in social networks
· Quality control customer service calls and emails

2) Build the brand and conduct community outreach in the social media sphere

· Manage company blog
· Manage Facebook fan page
· Twitter outreach
· Other community outreach (BabyCenter Community, CafeMom)
· Build relationships with top mommy bloggers
· Build relationships with top local moms’ groups

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