Finally Kozinets' Netnography book is free online for one month

Quoting the mail Robert Kozinets (author of this book) sent to the members of the Facebook group Netnography -The Wikonsumer & Netizen Culture:

"Thank you all so much for your support for the Netnography book. There is a free link to the Netnography book that will work all of February, here:

You do need to register, but you then can access the ebook for up to 30 days. Again, the link only works for the month of February.

If you are the type of person who likes to invest in the future beyond February, or who enjoys the feel of a book in their hands (and, come on, who doesn’t), then you have some options.

For those who prefer the ebook experience, it is for sale as an ebook via at or simply click here. But, apparently, not yet for the Kindle.

Or you can invest your money in a bright and shiny netnographic future by buying it from

If you have already purchased the book, I thank you sincerely for your faithful support. I look forward to hearing your comments, and seeing your reviews of the book and its ideas, here, and in other forums. And I'm happy to field as many questions as I can in these forums as well."

Visit also Rob's blog and read enterely the funny post he wrote about the free distribution of his new book.

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