Hungry for Insights? Smartees are a new smart food for clever researchers (via @InSites)

Hungry for insights? Try Smartees! Smartees are a new smart food for clever researchers. They’re a series of free half-day workshops at InSites Consulting and they’re about learning and sharing knowledge. Each session promises a different flavour, and you’ll be sure to take away ideas and practical techniques for better marketing.

So why should you attend our Smartees?

  • Where else do you get to meet like-minded experts working on the same questions and topics as you, and interact with them in a relaxed atmosphere?
  • The Smartees format suits busy people: it’s practical, our new offices are easy to reach, and it will take you away from work for only half a day.
  • Smartees are the ideal way to get up to date fast on the newest insights and trends in research and marketing.
  • The workshop sessions are led by some of the sharpest minds in marketing research – experts with an international reputation and years of experience in the field.
  • Smartees aren’t boring conference speeches – they’re specially designed to tackle the practical challenges you face as a researcher or marketeer.

Take a look at the overview and sign up for a free invitation right away for the free Smartees of your choice.

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