Inside the Minds of Twitter Users (via @Mashable)

We know plenty about Twitter’s crazy growth rates and mushrooming membership. We know about brands on Twitter, celebrities on Twitter, politicians on Twitter. We know Twitter apps, hashtags, trends, tools, tips and tricks. But we understand less about the motivations of users: Why do people use Twitter? How do its users feel about common practices there? What are their beliefs about Twitter, and how do they view their experiences? Big questions, for sure. But in a recent survey on Twitter, we started to uncover some answers. Here are the highlights of a survey of 432 highly involved Twitter users (who spend an average of 2 ¾ hours per day on Twitter).
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Some topics covered:

  • Norms of Reciprocity: Or, “I feel bad when someone doesn’t follow me back. (Not).”
  • Perceptual Beliefs: Or, “People who have a large number of followers are definitely not smarter than those who don’t.”
  • Emotional Response: Or, “I don’t really care if nobody responds when I tweet something.”
  • Motivations: “It’s cool to learn new things from people.”

About the survey:
The survey of 432 Twitter users was conducted by MarketingProfs on Twitter from 4/8 to 4/15, 2009. The data was collected and analyzed by Allen Weiss, MarketingProfs CEO, Professor at USC’s Marshall School, and @allenweiss on Twitter. 
Author: Ann Handley is the Editor in Chief of MarketingProfs and a writer. You can follow her on Twitter.

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