LATINNOVATION 2.0 (LatAm Esomar Congress): Forrester, Brainjuicer, Ipsos, TNS and many Latin American Research Boutiques will be there

Latin America is one of the less affected regions by the 2009 recession. The World Economic Forum stated that the region is in a better position than ever to deal with the socio-economic impact of this crisis. Latin America has emerged as a source of creativity, solutions and innovation.

The conference in Cartagena will delve into this new vibrancy in the region and consider how innovation can lead to further success including a twister session called Latinnovation 2.0 featuring 4 cutting edge presentations on digital innovations. The conference will also look at the social challenges of poverty and inequality which still beset the region and the role of research in meeting these challenges.


The internet connectedness factor in Latin America: How Latin Americans stay close to peers and companies - Roxana Strohmenger, Forrester, US
Social media and market research in Latin America: Enemies or best friends? - Diego Meller, Livra, UK

Decoding the digital needs - Lilian Matias & Ana Patricia Sequeira, TNS Research International, Brazil

Webnography a new market survey technique: Space turning into virtual territory - Manuel Barberena, Pearson, Mexico; Maria Elena León, Factory Ideas, Mexico

Looking for Eric: In the search of the HUB consumers - Luiz Sá Lucas & Leonardo Soares, IDS Marketing Intelligence, Brazil


"Me to We" Research: digital characters, a new way of looking at ourselves
- John Kearon, BrainJuicer, UK

John Kearon: From Me to We Research from brainjuicer on Vimeo.


Effective semiotic codes in adolescents
- Rosalba Olivella, Allison Munoz & Carlos Hernandez, Feedback, Colombia

Latin eye tracking: Successful regional use of a neurophysiologic technology - Carolina Mejia, Alianza Team, Colombia

PANEL DISCUSSION: INNOVACTION - An interactive panel exploring actionable innovation


Landing the innovation airplane: How to make innovation (really) happen in your company - Mario Morales, Founder and CEO, Innovare, Costa Rica

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