MROC Platform from PluggedIN Now at Version 2.0

 Instant community deployment and integration with third-party applications among the latest improvements to the market research online community (MROC) platform.

PluggedIN, a provider of software and services for managing market research online communities (MROCs), today released Version 2.0 of their MROC software. The PluggedIN Platform is a customized social networking and online community platform for powering market research online communities and online qualitative research studies.

PluggedIN Platform V2.0 represents a significant shift in the development of the platform, with a complete re-architecture to better position the application for frequent upgrades and new feature releases. With V2.0, new communities can now be deployed instantly, allowing researchers to setup and launch new MROCs faster than ever before. The release also allows for a tighter integration with third-party applications and systems, allowing it to become a hub for market research exercises beyond those typically available in a MROC. In addition, the re-architecture creates opportunities for scaling communities to many thousands of members.

Commenting on the platform release, VP of Design and Technology Lail Brown said, "Version 2.0 of the PluggedIN Platform represents our best thinking as to where MROC platforms are going, and puts the PluggedIN Platform in a position to be the standard global platform for building and deploying market research online communities."

In addition to the re-architecture, numerous usability enhancements were made as part of the 2.0 release. These enhancements are part of ongoing research into optimizing the community member experience and ensuring that people of all ages and backgrounds find the platform to be highly usable and user friendly.

Matt Foley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, added on the V2.0 release, "This version is going to help us deliver new features faster than ever before, and quickly adapt to the needs of our platform customers. It's part of our focus on making the most valuable social media tools available to market researchers, and allowing them to easily integrate these tools into their repertoire."

For additional information on the PluggedIN Platform, or for a demo of PluggedIN's approach to market research online communities, visit

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