A Netnography Case: Danone WaterWorld Community (By Insites Consulting)

by Michel Rogeaux, Senior Expert Consumer Science - Danone R&D and Nanno Palte, Director Marketing Insights - InSites Consulting via Smartees Facebook Group and SlideShare

At the beginning of 2009 InSites Consulting carried out an extensive research program on behalf of the global Danone R&D Consumer Science Team. This research has literally been a deep dive into the world of water consumption with the aim of getting a profound understanding of the drivers and barriers of the water category, both on a psychological and physical level.

To find answers to the vast and complex business questions set by Danone Consumer Science, InSites Consulting used a mixture of research techniques: exploration of drivers and barriers, a quantitative usage & attitude survey with online diary, consumer connection through visual ethnography, community blogs and online discussion groups.

This presentation shows that fusion research is a successful and innovative recipe for gathering in-depth understandings & insights about your category.

Michel Rogeaux introduce you into the WaterWorld of Danone by presenting the main business challenges Danone Consumer Science is facing today and sharing some of the project's learnings. Nanno Palte give you an overview of the different research techniques used in the context of this research program. At the end of the presentation the future of fusion research is discussed.

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