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Qualitative Research in Web 2.0: The Next Leap!
Tackling issues and opportunities of integrating Web 2.0/3.0 into qualitative research
25-26 March 2010, Berlin

About the conference:

The qualitative research landscape has evolved dramatically since the inception of Web 2.0/3.0. Researchers can now perform qualitative research using online communities, focus groups, blogs, ethnographies as well as on social networking platforms.

The international conference on Qualitative Research in Web 2.0 (Twitter hashtag #QRWEB) will be held on the 25 & 26 March 2010 in Berlin. This unique and highly interactive event will bring together top academics and industry practitioners to discuss and brainstorm the latest online methodologies for qualitative research.
Conference format:
To encourage maximum interaction and development of knowledge and ideas during the conference, we plan to limit the number of participants to this event. The conference format will consist of submitted (reviewed) presentations, invited speeches as well as interactive discussion sessions. As with past events, this conference will provide excellent opportunities for participants to network with peers.

Programme highlights:
This conference provides an excellent opportunity for you to interact with international experts and discuss innovative ways of conducting qualitative research online. Content highlights include:
  • How to design and execute successful qualitative research studies online
  • Understanding when to use online methods over traditional offline methods
  • Evaluating the rules and tools of qualitative research in Web 2.0/3.0
  • How to implement qualitative research studies using social media tools?
  • Discussing best practices in moderating online focus groups
  • Assessing ethical and practical dangers of research using social media
  • Designing and executing large scale qualitative research study online
  • Developing participant recruitment strategies: what are the challenges and pitfalls?
  • Assessing the internal and external validity of online qualitative research: what are the implications?
  • Web 2.0 user-generated analysis and its contribution to qualitative research methodology
  • Developing engaging online market research communities (MROC) for qualitative research
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of conducting qualitative research online?
  • Integrating Web 2.0/3.0 into traditional qualitative research: what needs to be adapted?
  • Keeping stakeholders engaged: how to keep clients and observers involved your online research
  • Integrating online qualitative research findings in quantitative research: what are the best practices?
  • Overcoming the handicaps of communicating online without non-verbal cues
  • Challenges and opportunities of conducting global/multi-lingual online qualitative research projects

Confirmed attendees thus far include: (*Confirmed Speakers)

Ray Poynter (Keynote speaker), Thought Leader in Web 2.0 & Managing Director - The Future Place (UK)
Silvana di Gregorio*, Online Qualitative Research Expert - SdG Associates (UK)
Yasmina Amara, Market Research Manager - Yahoo! Middle-East (JO)
Carli Lessof, Director of Innovation and Development - National Centre for Social Research (UK)
Ilka Kuhagen*, Principal of IKM & Board Member of QRCA (DE)
Jeff Walkowski*, President & Member of QRCA - Qualcore (US)
Jim Longo*, Vice President Client Development - Itracks (CA)
Frank-Thomas Naether*, Managing Director - Naether Marktforschung NMRC (DE)
Helena Bukvova, Chair of Business Informatics, Technical University Dresden (DE)
Guendalina Graffigna*, Postdoc, Faculty of Psychology - Catholic University of Milan (IT)
Emma Ciceri - University of Rome, Sapienza (IT)
Simona Marchi - University of Rome, Sapienza (IT)
Roddy Glen, Principal - Roddy Glen Associates (UK)
Neil Coulson, Associate Professor - University of Nottingham (UK)
Sue van Meeteren, Executive Director - Jigsaw Research Ltd (UK)
Nicole Reinhold*, Head of Online Research - Point Blank International (DE)
Dee Britton, Assistant Professor - Empire State College (US)
Bob Jeffery*, Senior Research fellow - The Open University (UK)
Matthew Barnard, Research Director - National Centre for Social Research (UK)
Brit Helle Aarskog*, Chief Scientific Officer - TextUrgy & University of Bergen (NO)
Valentina Tua, PhD Candidate - Univesrit degli Studi di Milano (IT)
Petra Alwén, Qualitative Research Consultant & Founder - Connect With Consumers (SE)
Kristina Thor, Senior Research Consultant - Connect With Consumers (SE)
Uwe Ewald, Director - International Justice Analysis Forum (BE)
Simona Napotnik, Project Manager - Aragon (SI)
Laura Arata, Marketing Researcher - Laura Arata (IT)
Christoph Welter, Project Director - Point Blank International (DE)
Jose Azevedo, Professor, Department of Sociology - University of Porto (PT)
Mary Evans Kasala*, Scientific Merit Reviewer and Research Methods Faculty - Capella University (US)
Christine Hänel, Research Executive - Meinecke & Rosengarten GmbH (Germany)
Steffen Hück, Chief Netnographer - Hyve AG (DE)
Pablo Sánchez Kohn, Founder & Managing Director - IQ 2.0 (AR)
Sorel Radu, Managing Partner - eResearch Corp (RO)
Corneliu Vilsan, Managing Partner - eResearch Corp (RO)
Lars Holmgaard Christensen, Head of Research - Danish School of Media and Journalism (DK)
Chris Mavergames, Web Operations Manager/Information Architect - The Cochrane Collaboration (DE)
Andrius Suminas*, PhD student in Political Communication - University of Vilnius (LT).
Ximena Alarcón*, Research Fellow, Institute of Creative Technologies - De Montfort University (UK).
Perrin Ogun Emre, Lecturer - Kadir Has University (TK).
Dominique Spindler (Exhibitor) - Taylor & Francis (UK).
Kostas Zafiropoulos (DP), Assistant Professor - University of Macedonia (GR)
Miriam Pastor, Qualitative Consultant - A Piece of Pie (ES)
Carla Montane, Qualitative Consultant - Block de Ideas (ES)
Luisa Fernandez, Qualitative Researcher - Freelancer (ES)
Francesco Di Credico, Consultant - LiveXtention (IT)
Bryan Mark Urbsaitis, Lecturer - City University of New York (US)

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