Research 1.0 vs. Research 2.0: Losing Control In Qualitative Research

Everyone’s talking about getting to know the consumer better. If we’re serious about it, we need to recognise how they’re communicating, what they’re saying and give them more of our attention. The new way in research is a reflection of broader societal changes, especially in the way we communicate. 

Our proposition: Giving over control to the consumer makes us better listeners. 

“The researcher of the future will need to master traditional research skills, but they will also need to be able to cede control to customers and respondents, and to work in collaboration with the forces of the marketplace. In terms of a sporting metaphor the future will be less like speed boat racing and more like surfing, less like flying a jet and more like flying a glider.” (Ray Poynter, The Future Place, 2006) 

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