Neo-observational research: ethnography and social media nethnography

Smartees are a new smart food for clever researchers. They’re a series of free half-day workshops at InSites Consulting and they’re about learning and sharing knowledge. Each session promises a different flavour, and you’ll be sure to take away ideas and practical techniques for better marketing.

The next Smartees session - Connected workshop - is planned for 08 April 2010 in Rotterdam (NL). One of the topics to be covered is Neo-observational research (see below)

Meet the 'contemporary' consumer (by Tom De Ruyck, Senior R&D Manager)
  • Empowered: they have the means to make or break brands on a scale never seen before. They choose what they talk about, not the marketers.
  • Cosmopolitan: they switch very quickly between online and offline, blend work and private life and are part of a global social web. They have become very difficult to grasp.
  • Co-Creator: they have become part-time marketers.
  • Emotional: decisions have always been strongly guided by emotions, now tapping into them has become easier.
We need new research thinking & acting for better marketing decision making. By using advanced methods and a careful selection & fusion of research design, you're able to better grasp today's consumers.
So how to go from here? (by Annelies Verhaeghe, Senior R&D Manager - ESOMAR Young Researcher 2009)
Let's get connected:
  • Surveying: bringing qual in quant
  • Discussions: online discussion groups, online 1/1 & duo bulleting boards and research communities
  • Neo-observational research: ethnography and social media nethnography
Fusion research: getting a 360 degree view on your consumer by combining and applying new techniques and skills
Networking & drinks

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