Social Media Tracker by Universal McCann - The Socialisation of Brands - Wave 5

Social media is an incredibly dynamic environment. Terms like “friend” and “influencer” are no longer adequate to describe the array of social activity and interaction that is occurring amongst the vast communities now being built online. 

A deeper understanding of consumer needs and motivations is the key to unlocking a real understanding of social media and its users. Social networks are becoming powerful hubs of interconnected communities but it’s not just people that are connecting in the social media space. There is huge demand for a more social and interactive relationships with brands

Almost half of the Active Internet Universe has already joined a brand community. These communities are also clearly having a huge benefit to the brands involved, driving brand loyalty, endorsement and sales. However, understanding the nature of social demand for each consumer, category and market is the key to creating a successful social media experience. This report barely scratches the surface of the rich insight and detail available. 

Wave 5 – The Socialisation Of Brands contains information for 20 categories in more than 54 countries. You will find contact details if you require further information at the end of this report. 

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