The 8 Myths about Successful Research Communities - by Jeffrey Henning

At the New MR Virtual Festival, Diane Hessan of Communispace said one of the most frequently asked questions she gets is, “What are the critical successful factors for a community?” Having built over 400 of them, Diane says, “We have probably made more community mistakes than anyone in the world!” Based on those experiences, and on extensive research on research that Communispace has done, Diane has identified 8 myths about successful research communities.

  1. Myth: A community is just a fancy word for a panel.
  2. Myth: Communities can be valuable for almost any decision.
  3. Myth: Bigger is better.
  4. Myth: Make sure you pick the best technology.
  5. Myth: Communities are largely for “brand fans” (or high involvement products).
  6. Myth: Community members are biased.
  7. Myth: The more you pay, the higher the response rate. 
  8. Myth: ROI is hard to get.
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