Research: Meet The New Digital Middle Class in Latin America

Razorfish, in partnership with Terra, conducted a research report on the digital behaviors of Classe C consumers in Latin AmericaJoe Crump also presented this deck at the 2010 Razorfish Client Summit.

The Stampede - Meet The New Digital Middle Class is a first-of-its kind study of so-called "Classe C" consumers, an important but misunderstood economic block fueling the growth of vibrant Latin American economies such as Brazil, a hot market for global expansion among businesses from Caterpillar to Louis Vuitton.

The report shatters many misconceptions about Class C, which Razorfish has renamed "the New Digital Middle Class." For instance, contrary to popular belief, digital - not television -- is at the core of the New Digital Middle Class lifestyle, and women are the chief economic decision makers of the home.

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