Seven Insights about Internet TV - New Yahoo! Study Reveals TV’s Future is Online

Right this very moment, consumers are watching TV content online. They are also watching online content on their TVs. The convergence of TV and Internet is here, and this creates a clear opportunity for advertisers.

To help make sense of this new landscape for brands and agencies, our Yahoo! recently partnered with Ipsos OTX MediaCT, surveying DSL-connected households in the U.S. The study focused on gauging consumer usage of Internet-connected TV devices, as well as attitudes around advertising on Yahoo!’s Connected TV product. These seven key findings emerged:

1. Consumers are already connected.
2. Gamers will drive this trend.
3. Four content types are priorities for consumers.
4. Consumers still love TV shows and talking about them with friends.
5. Advertising is also a key driver of usage for Internet connected TV.
6. Consumers like us. They really like us!
7. Male consumers are leading the charge.

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