Webinar: The four Pilars of Comsumer Truth (via QualVu)

Online and mobile research methods can surpass traditional methodologies under one condition: If they deliver more candid and truthful insights - or, in Qualvu terms, simply The Truth. 

The truth is the foundation of great products, creative ideas, concepts, and strategies.  Only if you know what consumers are really thinking... only if you see how they act at the time they interact with your product, service or idea... only if they feel completely uninhibited and unrestrained in their feedback will they be completely honest with you - and only if they are completely honest with you will your communication with them succeed. The online and mobile video-based research dynamics have four elements that create these essential conditions. We call them the pillars of consumer truth. 

On April 26 at 3 PM EST join Qualvu CEO & Founder, John Williamson, and...

•    Discover the four pillars of consumer truth 
•    Learn how to uncover consumers' deepest thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
•    Discover how the four pillars of consumer truth deliver "victimless research"

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