Se crea la comunidad de profesionales en Insights GreenBook LATAM

“6 years ago I was honored by being invited to speak at the Chilean Research Association annual conference, and at that event Alex Garnica, Rafael Cespedes and Pablo Sanchez Kohn planted the seed of an idea to create both the IIeX event series and to extend the work that GreenBook does to connect buyers and sellers of research into Latin America. We launched the IIeX event series in Brazil the next year and began collaborating on GRIT, showcasing Latin American innovation in our content and other IIeX events, and in general building a continent-wide network of innovation leaders.

Fast forward to today, and in the intervening years that seed has now grown into a thriving field with IIeX events having been held in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Argentina and the Latin American research community now a vital part of the global network of thought leaders pushing the insights industry forward. Now, finally, with the key support of Rafa, Alex, Pablo and Patricio Pagani as well as many other friends and colleagues across the region, we are thrilled to be launching GreenBook LATAM, a whole new platform dedicated to supporting the research industry in Latin America through events, a specialized directory, content, marketing services, and much more to come. 

The GreenBook mission of connecting buyers and suppliers and charting the course of the future of insights has reached a new level of impact and positive energy driven by the dynamism of the Latin American marketplace. We are thrilled beyond words to have an opportunity to serve the industry in this way, and we look forward to doing all we can to helping drive growth in partnership with our wonderful partners in Latin America.” 

Lenny Murphy

Es un honor anunciar que hemos llegado a un acuerdo para crear GreenBook LATAM, para desarrollar y nutrir una comunidad activa de profesionales de insights en Latinoamérica, expandiendo los proyectos y líneas de trabajo de GreenBook a nuestra región.

Esta iniciativa es el resultado de varios años de colaboración entre GreenBook y un grupo de entusiastas, cuyo esfuerzo conjunto ha tenido ya múltiples logros como la realización exitosa de cinco ediciones del IIeXLA, que tan buena recepción ha tenido en todos los países en que se ha hecho.

Nuestro propósito es adaptar y potenciar en Latinoamérica las actividades de GreenBook y convocar a todos los profesionales a participar activamente en una comunidad que construya un nuevo futuro para nuestra industria.

Hace unos años Lenny Murphy vislumbró a Latinoamérica como un territorio rico en ideas para generar una (r)evolución de nuestra industria. Queremos invitarlos a vincularse con GreenBook LATAM y ser uno de los motores que impulsen esa (r)evolución.

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